Flaming Soul (by Mirakali)

She asked me: “Where ya headed?“. I answered:
“I‘m going where the light shines bright,
where love is sweet and strong
and gives you the warmth you need
in this cold world.“

“Let me be with you“, she said.
“I follow you to this wonderful place
where love is careless,
life is wonderful
like the friends that will be at our side.”
We travelled from Orion to earth
to feel the sunshine on our face,
to feel the wind in our hairs
and passion burning high with delight.

She asked: “Whom do you know on earth
where we will be to live a glorious life,
rich with love, fiery with our soul’s drive?”

“I know a beautiful place
somewhere in the mountains,” I said,
“where the sun always shines
and the stars sing with the happiness
of everyone who lives there.
I know Michel is there,
waiting for us.
Together we will discover
and bring the new world.”

And this young flaming soul
accompanied us on our journey to earth
to find our new home,
where we explore new dimensions of Wonder-Love.

On a glorious day we reached our goal.
Now we are in Mirapuri,
at our new home,
our land and sky, nature and life,
to be free, to be the dream of love fulfilled
and we sing and dance together
with this flaming soul
that joined us on our way into a new future.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany