Wake Up Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert

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‘Wake Up’ is Michel Montecrossa’s sixth hell-raiser cyberrock & slam poetry concert of his ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’ released by Mira Sound Germany on double Audio-CD and double DVD presenting 37 Michel Montecrossa power songs that open the ears. Included are great topical songs like ‘Wake Up’, ‘What A Time’, ‘Will You Wake Up?’, ‘Switch Off’, ‘Skull Fucker Rock’, ‘Get Rid Of All Your Answers’, ‘Free Room’ and ‘Wordless Image’.
Mirakali contributes powerful songs like ‘Who You Are’.

About ‘Wake Up’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“All over the world writing and singing bring us songs that make us aware in larger ways, songs that are broadsides of consciousness.
They are setting free the words so that they can fly with the vastness of rhythms and chants. Melodies give charm to meaning and voice the magic of living dreams that make us wake up.
With the coming of printing, radio, recording T.V. and internet, the songs of the street singers about hopes and revolutions, outlaws and saints, hard times and love flourish as never before as the thousands of broadside ballads composed, printed up, recorded, played and loaded up for listeners everywhere on this globe and in outer space. It began around the year 1500 to grow in an ever increasing way and has never stopped since then.
The british museum alone has no less than 12000 of them and nobody can tell the number of broadsides sung throughout the world. They all give to mankind the vision, the eye-opener, the wonderful feeling that makes you wake up.
My songs are broadside ballads for global cyberhighways as well as for the simple gathering.
They are the wake up cry for today and tomorrow.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Wake Up
  2. What A Time
  3. Sunray Revolution
  4. Changing World
  5. Earth & Peace
  6. Another World
  7. War Kills #1
  8. Sun And Peace
  9. Green Earth
  10. A Song
  11. Will You Wake Up?
  12. Who You Are
  13. Easy Goin’
  14. It’s Not The End
  15. Switch Off
  16. What Have You Done?
  17. Pump The Brain
  18. Do It!
  19. Skull Fucker Rock
  20. Unexpected Deal

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. Get Rid Of All Your Answers #2
  2. Wakin’ Up
  3. Reality Rocker
  4. Too Good To Miss It
  5. All The Trouble
  6. Another Day Alive
  7. I’m Seeing Things Different
  8. Thieves Of Time
  9. Free Room
  10. Destiny Of Your Heart
  11. You Are Free
  12. Dreaming Of Your Kiss
  13. Space Of A Message
  14. World Of Love
  15. Golden Kiss Of Delight
  16. Wordless Image
  17. This World Is My World #2
Wake Up Concert - Michel Montecrossa