Thieves Of Time (by Mirakali)

Thieves of Time catching your dreams,
holding them in their brutal control.
Possessive are the thieves of time,
they take everything, never give anything back.
Greedy for all they are, greedy for sex and power,
running after everything they can get.
They like the heaviness of the news.
No day can be grey enough,
no abyss can be dark enough to have them satisfied.

Thieves of time, the criminals of today.
Teeny-theater brutal, a reality horror-show.
Is there any mercy, is there any thought
to halt the shit and turn to the better,
by turning to the warmth and not to hate?
Young in look, you are an old corpse.
Thieves of time, when will you stop your crime?
Thieves of time as dirty as your smile.
Don‘t pay homage to darkness,
don‘t lose your time for an empty life.

You know the right way but chose the wrong.
How long, how long will you be like you are?
Thieves of time, stop it now.
Thieves of time, no more brutal crime.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany