Dreaming Of Your Kiss (by Mirakali)

Oh, what a wonderful night is this.
And you hold me tight in your strong arms.
You touch me tender,
you touch me so warm
and light the fire of my passion
and I kiss you everywhere.

Kiss your paradise.
We taste the juice of joy,
eat the fruit of enchantment
and swim in the sea of happiness.

Oh, what a fantastic ride
on our flight into heaven.
We see the stars passing by
and feel the heat of a sun
that burns high in the sky
and burns with our desire.

Oh, what a fantastic kiss.
I like to kiss you once more
for thousands and thousands of time,
like to enjoy it once more,
your lips and your tongue,
the feeling of this magic kisses.

Oh yes, you are the greatest one,
no doubt you know how to satisfy
the desire of a girl and woman.
Oh yes, yes, yes,
I dream every night of you.

I dream every day of your bliss
and when we are together we kiss us tender,
we kiss us wild
because we like it bright.

Oh, what a beautiful moment
when lips meet lips, warm and sweet
licking the honey of bliss.
All your kisses come from heaven.
All your kisses lead to paradise.

All the time I dream of you
and of all your kisses sweet.
Every time when you kiss me
you can feel it too: my dream of you.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany