200% Life

And the Consciousness-Lights.
Overwhelming for you
in prison.
200% Life!
And your dream is no
Step up, girl!
Nothing for nothing! Move forward! 200% Life!

Quintessence of the Hyper-Real:
Cyberrock Heroes are coming!
Their Cyberrock is stronger than
Bombastic ‘Stampfer’
against Mega-Fears,
for the childlike soul!
Make an impression
and give the punch-line!
Running only after love-making!
Respect one more, even more!

No control but helping the people,
that is it!
What do you say, what is your style?
Who are you and where?
Where do you stand torn between
the dreams and conflicts?
Well , I say: Talk to yourself, prove yourself!
Open yourself! Come out!
200% Life is coming from the heart.
Life comes through Love!

Lyrics & Music by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany