A Dream In Her Gaze

Oh, the winter was dawning o’er high hills and mountains.
And dark were the clouds o’er deep rolling seas,
I spied a fair lady as the daylight was dawning,
she was asking the road, a dream in her gaze.

I said, “My fair lady, I surely will tell you
the road and the number of miles it will be
and if you consent I’ll convey you a wee bit,
and show you the road to the dream in your gaze.

You turn to the mountains and go where the light is,
the colors and sounds, the happy feel.
We’ll enter the ball-room and have a good dancin’
and sing our songs ‘bout the dream in your gaze.”

Cheers to the team and the fair lady,
and all ye young hearts, listening to me:
Never turn your back on your sweet destiny
when she’s asking the road,
a dream in her gaze.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany