An Angel For You

She said to me: “I’m an angel for you.
I show you the right, the vast and the true.
It’s our life, it’s what we do.
I kiss you sweet and I’m your muse.”

As long as we are happy it’s easy to do.
So, let’s be happy and know the clue.
Beyond our borders there’s so much light
and angels tend to come from this height.

She said to me: “I’m an angel for you.
Life ain’t hard together with you.
The evil and ugly can’t enter the room
of love and soul given to truth.”

Suffering is cruel and nature too
when man is turning away from the true.
But saved are the ones with an angel soul
of deep compassion and kindness for all.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany