Augustus Blues

Augustus was the man who finally
brought to an end all the conquest
all the war and all the hate.

He was truly conscious and did
what he could see and said:
„Not one empire or one state
or any group of world-division
is the truth of our common living.
Free exchange of wealth and culture
between all nations selfdetermined,
richly diversified in one World-Union
embracing all our Earth,
embracing also our way to the Stars –
this is Truth of common living.“

And he said solemnly
as he had knowledge:
„But be on your guard, do not believe
in external means for that to be achieved!
First kindle in mankind the flame of hope
which everyone will understand:
The Flame of Union in Soul and Mind,
the Flame of Spirit for a truer Life.
Not through greed but by realising
that only together we are strong,
strong in Love and strong in Action,
the Dawn of World-Union will surely come.“

„If many a leader with courage proclaims
that no longer national limits are his domain,
but the opening of borders, free movement of all,
the surrender of weapons
whether big or small, or inner or outer,
so that all can achieve what only all can be
then the doors are open for the New Force to come.
With collaboration as its banner
Union then will be
victorious here in our world, finally released.
Distribution of riches and assistance in the work
will then again become natural for us, natural the wish of happiness for all.“

I hope this Augustus is here upon earth.
What is his name I really don’t care.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany