Birth Into The Future (by Mirakali)

Birth into the Future, birth from light into light.
You are born to discover the treasures of your soul,
you are born to fulfill the call of a cosmic dream.

Timeless and eternal is the key that opens the gigantic gate
that stands between death and birth.
Only a great soul can be free enough to break the chains
to step beyond the border line,
there where the true life begins.

You are immortal since the beginning of time.
Even before the creation you were conscious.
But now you can move the destiny of earth.

Now you can turn the key and open the door,
now is the time to fight for love,
now is the time to be born into the future.
The past is gone, forever gone, asleep in forgotten dreams.
But you are alive and that‘s what you should be.
Don‘t lose your chance, don‘t feel the fear
of a trembling world between truth and abyss.

On the horizon rises another sun
strong like your soul, bright like your self.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany