Bride (by Mirakali)

Fire burning hot, illumining the sky above.
Our wild passion sets free the storm.
Every cell burns with the heat of a volcano
wanting love and bliss always more.
We drive down all walls, we reach our goal.
We push forward with speed of our ecstasy.
We free all impossibles,
make real all dreams, we bring the key.
I’m your bride, you are my hero, I’m yours
and together we bring an ocean of love.

With you I will always stay and be your bride.
Strong is our love, free our life, all right!
We burn wild, we burn bright with our love.
We speed up to the stars with all bliss
and fly into the light of a galaxy.
You give me all happiness, you give it all
with every smile of your beautiful eyes
that shine like stars in the open sky.
My heart beats only for you, my love.
I’m your bride, I’m ready for your ride.

Together we are victorious fighters,
fighters of glorious love and delight.
Wonderful your heart when you kiss me deep
with all your emotions sweet.
I’m your bride, burning for you
with love and happiness, with passion and delight.
Heaven opens with a festival of love.
All angels, gods and nymphs dance with us.
They sing with the beat of our love
bringing all we need for a new dawn.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany