Coming Home Into The Future (by Mirakali)

We move with the speed of light, crossing billions of stars.
We see the birth of suns, the birth of new worlds.

Unfathomable intergalactic nebulaes
put their bright, lovely spell on us.
We dive into the heart of galaxies

and lose ourselves in the infinity
of a marvelous creation of light and sound,
emotions, tenderness, wideness and strength
touching tender our deepest need.
Ecstasy of the flight of golden delight.

Ecstatic experience of freedom. Weightless we float
close to the force of attraction of a gigantic sun

and experience her energy-explosions
like thrills of joy. Space and time melt into one
in a new reality.

It is the space spreading out
into unfathomable and marvelous new worlds.
It is time, eternal, but ever young moving
like a naked, young girl amorous and musing,

dreaming of the touch of the New Consciousness.
It is the dream of freedom and unlimited energy.

There are no limits that can stop love.
We dream of eternal life, of the kiss of delight
that opens the door to an even greater freedom.

Wideness, infinity, timeless and limitless.
Ecstasy of the flight of golden delight.
We move through the waves of a new-born world,
A new longing rises like a star at the horizon.
Love is an island for all who want to come home into the future.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany