Courageous Love (by Mirakali)

What can be more brave than love?
Can there be ever a limit
or is it infinite?

Why are some people ready to fall into the abyss,
why is heaven not attractive to them, why is there hate?

True love never gives up, true love knows no hate,
knows no struggles, no insane.
Courageous is the love that flies to the stars.
Courageous is love that faces the goal
with an ardent heart burning with perfect trust.

Courageous is the love that forgives.
Courageous the love that seeks solutions,
can give the answer with a smile,
that heals the wounds and gives hope.

In the morning when you open your eyes
to the sunshine of a new day
you awake with a dream,
remembering the bliss of this heavenly kiss
that has touched you tonight
when you were like a child in the arms of a life
that loves you with all strength and courage
that you need to move on into the new dawn.

Feel the fire burning strong,
wild with the strength of immortal souls,
that are one, united in ecstatic fire,
power of your life.

Love saves you, courage is your strength,
freedom are your wings for your flight
into the golden light of a new dawn
shining bright into the world.

It is the warmth that gives you refuge,
warmth of tenderness and love.
Nothing can be compared to the wonder
of your love.

Open your eyes to the world,
open your heart to love,
feel eternity, be the dawn, be immortal light.
Be the hero of the new morn,
courageous and full of love.
Courageous is the love that can give
in the midst of the storm,
love that is forever strong.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany