She is like Billie Jean no fading dream.
She is silver, she is gold, never grows old.
Her beauty is unstained by lies and dirty games.
Her smile is for the senses what god is for the soul.

Cybershe, Cybershe unlocks the door of your deepest Cyberneed,
of love that never goes.
Your mind knows no more trouble,
your mind is crystal clear.
Your heart is simple wonder, knows the living dream.

She is like a juicy feel, all of her is real.
She is sexy, she is free, never lets you down.
Her beauty is a wonder white, ready to be satisfied.
Her smile is for the great and strong, power is her song.

Cybershe, Cybershe like a burning star
moving with her majesty galaxies of love.
Her eyes of vision-seeing, her eyes of ecstasy
are erotic energy, mesmerizing beams.

She is moving tiger-cool outside all the rules.
She is sinful, she is true, proud is her soul.
When she speaks the thunder rolls, she won’t be controlled.
Her nakedness is pure, she holds you in her arms.

Cybershe, Cybershe like a golden girl,
magic of the morning ray of felicity.
Her breasts of glory, her breasts of delight
make your pleasure rise until you touch the light.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany