I’m a there to sing
to give to everyone
Cyber-Rockin’ things
to wrestle with the powers
and give them free back to you,
to be the generator
of cybernetic worlds,
of Cyber-Rockin’ dreams,
of Cyber-Rockin’ dreams.

I’m the Cyberwarrior
unleashing information – individualization.
Empowered are you to find the open door.
Cyberrock is givin’ the immortal clue
to be the living more,
to be the living more.

The doctors and analysts,
groovy psychologists:
Everybody’s got the kick.
Disinformation turning into clarity.
Chaos of yesterday
turning into sexiness
of Cyberlove intensity,
of Cyberlove intensity.

of adventure reelin’,
your colorful neurons
sparking in your brain
discover new dimensions
and directions for the game
of universe creation,
of universe creation.

I’m the Cyberwarrior, cybernetic dream,
the electronic beam,
the Multimedia pleasure of
erotic sense-expansion,
the consciousness explorer
and experience lover
of tomorrow’s marvels,
of tomorrow’s marvels.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany