Damn Good Shit! (by Mirakali)

The lights were on but there was nobody at home.
And she who was standing there with tits on fire
she was not playing with a full deck.
But what should we do,
it was the same shit but a different day.
And she came nearer to him with a smile like a fat grin
in her dumb face:
‘Is that your face or did your pants fall down?’
Red-hot alarm in his brainless head:
‘Are you fucked-up or beyond all reason?
Do you know with whom you speak, lousy girl?
I‘m not up with your dirty tricks.
Fuck off and never come back again’,
he replied angry. ‘Not too shabby‘
he thought while he looked down upon her tits.
Round the corner was a couple, cosing,
snuggling up, canoodling, kissing,
all warmed-up and hot in their embrace.
They didn‘t take notice of the trouble
of two fools who didn‘t know it better
to get touchy and edgy instead
of being sweet and wet, tight to tight,
lips to lips, ass to hand, breast to breast
drowned in kisses and dreams of kisses always more.
He all grumpy, she all grouchy,
both all janky and full shitty
they were fed up with getting a date.
Perhaps they were gutless.
The situation was crude and both ripped off
of their own intelligence.
But don‘t worry some hope still was there.
‘I give up‘ he thought, ‘she‘s good looking,
but all this troubles are more than I can bear.
I‘m superman I know
but that is enough. I‘m no idiot.
At every corner I can get something better.
And he turned around
and went around the corner.
Brutal stop as he saw
the two lovers all passionate in their loving heaven
didn‘t take any notice of him.
The girl stopped at his side:
‘Can you handle this?’, she asked nervous.
‘No‘, he replied straight, and gave her a smile
as large as a canyon.
‘Damn good shit what the two are doing together.
Shouldn‘t we try it once before getting crazy?’
A second later he held her in his arms:
‘You‘re really sweet‘ she whispered into his ear
with angel voice, ‘and so strong‘
while she adored his muscles.
A last look to the two lovers and how they did it
and then the rocket started and nothing and nobody
in this universe could stop its drive.
‘Damn good shit‘ she whispered once more in his ear
and then they flew away on their lusty pleasure-rocket.
And the clue of this story:
Make love and not war.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany