Deepest Touch (by Mirakali)

Who will be the first
to cross the borderline from here to there,
from normality to soul and love-world.
Where are the heroes we need for a change?

Every heart carries in itself the essence
and truth of a hero.
But who lives it?
Love and happiness, I really wish it for everyone.
For every being, every heart, every soul,
every plant on this planet
and the worlds inside and outside of us.

You can imagine a world that is totally different.
You can imagine a green earth,
a mankind that has reached a new level
where there will be no wars anymore,
of being together with all in peace and understanding.

You can imagine a new paradise on earth
where everybody can be happy and free.
You can imagine a world of bliss and love,
friendship and hope, a world of light and bliss,

a world where dreams can become true.
But what is with you?
Did you change?
Are you this green earth, are you ready for the next dimension?
Are you love and understanding,
are you peace and a world of light?
How can the world change when you don’t do it?
For whom will be a new paradise on earth?
Who will be the citizens of a new world?
Why should the world change for the better
when you don’t do it?
Lives inside you this new world of peace?

Can you feel the heartbeat of planet earth?
Is it this moment when you feel bliss?
Can you feel the deepest touch reaching your soul?

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany