Download Experiences #2

Sex-liberation never ends.
Give me the Green Card to be your man
and I won’t leave you again.
Download Experiences do explain.

Somewhere over the rainbow
waits the most beautiful girl,
dirty but sweet, bad but free.
Download Experiences give the key.

I know what the girls want:
yearning and atmosphere of love,
simple contact and warm embrace.
Download Experiences make us feel great.

You are young, want to be enjoyed.
You have vision and I’m your boy.
I’m living the touch, smell the hormone.
Download Experiences are turnin’ on.

Joy and love, they are right,
pain and suffering are wrong.
The whole working day I think of you.
Download Experiences make me do.

I do it with you step by step.
There’s nothing to be checked.
Being together leads to big effects.
Download Experiences move correct.

I touch you tender, I understand,
I make you fly, let you try.
I listen and take care of you.
Download Experiences make us true.

Let’s talk and let’s discover
all over each other
joy and love attraction in action.
Download Experiences, they matter!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany