Festival Of Light

I dreamed of the Festival of Light
and I knew soon it will come.
I saw appearing far on our horizon
the great angel with the thunder-drum.

But below where deserts are,
some snakes still were all
to live in the prisoned mind.
And then the Silence spoke:

„Gather where men will listen, yeah will listen,
gather and light the fire
which will not hurt, but surely will help.
Gather round your soul and give.“

And I prayed and I wept
all the tears of a fallen race.
And within me sang a tender voice:
„Come to me and do not wait, do not wait.“

And mighty was the call, like wave upon wave,
sweeping over beautiful earth
and with wonder in the eyes man awoke.

Men spoke with vision and with hope
and children brought high Truth.
Ways of Soul and of new revelations
was the tune upon their lips.

And murmering there was
of the Wonderful One
of the Wonderful Force
which will bring down the Change.

I dreamed of the Festival of Light
and knew it’s all on the Way:
today’s dream is real tomorrow.
And I was rich and pure when I awoke.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany