Free And Strong (by Mirakali)

If you listen to the silence, what do you hear?
The wind breathes gently through the leaves.
The murmur of the stream tells ‘bout the wonders of nature.

Freedom and strength is there.
Freedom and strength that can change it all.
Freedom and strength of another morn.
Do we know how it is to breathe free?
How it is to be and act spontaneously and creative?

Where is the young sparkling joy that is so natural
that it should never leave us?
Those who know this love that overwhelms us
want to give their happiness to all.

And you? What about you?
Have you manifested all your dreams?
Do you live a happy life as you always wished?
When did you lose your dreams?
When did you cease to believe in miracles?

How much is left of your young enthusiasm?
How much have you given up?
How much have you left behind?
And you?
Can you feel eons of births of light
flowing into your veins like liquid gold?

Do you experience the awakening of the universe
in each of your cells?
Do you hear the storm of cosmic worlds in your heart?

Do you feel this longing, the same yearning that we all know.
Do you know freedom and its strength,
more powerful than all chains can be?
The longing of freedom pushes you forward towards the goal.

It is the hunger and will to feel life burnin’ wild in you.
It is the story of love that is the greatest of all.
Our life is a miracle on the way to finding freedom.

It is the story of the warrior who never gives up.
It is the story of the fighter who is never weak.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany