Future Earth (by Mirakali)

Future Earth rising from the depth
high into the light of a new becoming.
Future Earth is a star that illumines the night
and lets all darkness disappear with its warmth and love.
Future Earth is a new life for a planet and all its beings.

We move towards the tender light of mighty love.
We know with certitude that the good will win.
Love is our strength. Love is our path out of darkness
towards the golden ocean of delight.

The Future Earth is our paradise.
Flowers and meadows bloom with the smile of heaven.
The planet is green and strong with all its woods and oceans.
Future Earth comes from within.

Future Earth lives in the wind and whispers to you:
“Wake up, wake up and move towards the light.“
The future is bright. The future is the goal.

The future is love and peace, the future is world unity.
The future is worldwide harmony.
Future Earth brings the kingdom of heaven upon earth.
On Future Earth we all are free.

Future Earth is for a new humanity.
Future Earth is friendly and grows with tender power
towards a star of happiness and peace,
oneness and harmony in a cosmic new creation.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany