‘Soul Reflection’: Mirakali’s tender and healing Love Song Audio-CD for Valentine’s Day

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18 tender and healing Love Songs by Mirakali including: ‘Soul Reflection’, ‘Under Palmtrees’ and ‘I Feel At Home In Your Embrace’, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio-CD.

Michel Montecrossa about ‘Soul Reflection’:
“Mirakali is the anima in my band, a wonderful singer, guitar-electronica girl presenting in ‘Soul Reflection’ 18 of her love songs which are born from our heartfelt and adventurous band life.”

The Songs:

  1. Soul Reflection
  2. Under Palm Trees
  3. Dreambirth
  4. Courageous Heart
  5. Whispering Love
  6. Never Too Late
  7. Love Wider Than The Universe
  8. Heroes Of The New World
  9. Future Earth
  10. Freedom
  11. Home
  12. Between Sky And Heaven
  13. Sora Ni Mitu – Seeing The Sky
  14. Poets And Heroes
  15. Magic Night
  16. Vikingwedding
  17. Tenderness And Strength
  18. I Feel At Home In Your Embrace