Tenderness And Strength (by Mirakali)

The world of love and its mystery.
Tenderness of a new world.
Strength of the fighter, strength of your heart.
Fire deep within you.

Light upon light reflected in it like Starfire.
Livelier than anything, you know.
Wonder and magic that let you fly

high into the freedom of delight.
Sensations, so wonderful that they can only have
come from another world.
A strength stronger than any earthly force.

A Love and infinity so wonderful nobody has felt it before.
No shadows, pure light and bliss.
Tenderness and strength of a new birth.

Light so bright like a thousand suns.

Warmth and freedom.
Love and always love,
wider than all worlds together, deeper than the universe.
Love that is so strong that we can achieve everything.

Our souls one with the world, embracing the light.
Knowledge and the certainty that it‘s you, whom you feel.

It‘s your own deepest truth.
We are born to turn to the Divine,
to unite with him and express in life
the new love we have found,

in nature and all creation, in every being, in the wind.
And the sky is always the same divine.
We live on a wonderful planet.

We live in the midst of an ocean of love.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany