Poets And Heroes (by Mirakali)

Poets and Heroes are the ones that see the light.
They carry the glory in their hearts
of the future and all that will come.

Words of light, strength and courage,
love mighty and the fighting arm
that protects and carries you to another place
where nothing can harm you,
a place where it is warm and safe,
a place where you can feel the dream
and see the light that comes with grace.

In every man acts a free soul,
in every man lives a free will.
In you sleeps a tremendous power
that can overcome all troubles
and becomes the ruler over yourself,
the king of the kingdom of your life.

Emerge victorious, heroic poet,
courageous warrior that never fears
but faces all troubles with strength and power.
Poets and heroes know the women strong.
Poets and heroes know how to love.
Passionate and ardent are their hearts,

valiant, heroic action, always strong,
with light in the face of the rising sun.
The sword high with an arm that never tires
and will never give up to fight and win.
Poets and heroes encourage all that want
to follow the path towards the light
that shines with glory on the horizon.
Be brave and it rises inside you.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany