Whispering Love (by Mirakali)

Love knows what she wants.
Love knows the tenderness warm.
She dreams with you, feels your delight,
kisses you with smiles and with light.

Whispering love near to your heart
feeling every heartbeat strong.
Whispering love knows your secrets,
understands what you feel.
Precious every touch of warmth,
precious everything that love gives.

Longings of love tender like a child.
Longings of love giving you hope.
Longings of love seeing the sunshine that will come.

Tomorrow a new sun will rise.
Tomorrow there will be a new light
that will forever shine.

So warm is friendship, beautiful and strong.
So wonderful the kiss that understands all.
Take refuge in the arms of love.

Whispering love listens to your soul‘s song.
Love is born to belong to us all.
Longings of love to come back home.
Whispering love of your tender soul.
Whispering love is our loving song.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany