Home (by Mirakali)

A time will come when our planet will be again the home for love and peace.
A time will come when all will live like brothers and sisters.

A time will come when all wars have ended.
A time will come when all poverty has disappeared and there will be no hunger any more.
A time will come and all will understand.

We are here for love and freedom and to be the heroes of a wonderful world of friendship and compassion,
a world of hope and understanding, a world full of wonderful feelings and brilliant thoughts.

The poets will come back and bring a light of a new consciousness.
The singers will come to sing the tunes of heaven and earth united and one in our new home.

Our planet earth will be our new home and the home for everything and all
that live together with us in this time where

we have the chance to change the world into a place of happiness and joy,
where we all are like children and friends
bringing a time of love and peace,
bringing back the world of compassion and love,
bringing back tenderness and hope.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany