Soul Reflection (by Mirakali)

Beneath the leaves of a tree
a poet lays dreaming with the flow
of times drifting past – with all the feelings
someone once had while he looked into the sky
and saw his deepest being in the sparkle of a star.
And suddenly there is love
deep and tender with all its mysteries.
Tears in the eyes of a mother while her child
sleeps in her arms and touches her so deep.
From soul to soul, from heart to heart
two who are one through love.
A dreamer looking at our world seeking hope
while he carries it all the time
inside him he creates a universe, inside his dreams.

Rebuilding the city new and make all habitants happy,
the children plays
on meadows and suddenly there is love laughing together with them.
Two lovers in a warm embrace at the shore of this ocean.
Sunset with all the romantic emotions of the two
inside their dreams.
They remember what really counts. They remember how beautiful

it is to love, how important is trust and forgiveness,
how sweet is gratitude and how satisfying is devotion.
And there is love with all its power to fulfil
the world of two lovers.
A gardener with soft hands working with all the miracles of mother earth.

The flowers grow with him and bring the breath
of paradise into a world/
that want to come home to peace
and brotherhood and suddenly….
there is love rich with all its treasures and prosperity.
And you listen to the whispering mysteries
of love that comes to you,
and hold you tight and carries you
into the wideness bright
and gives you refuge and gives you warmth,
flies with you into the heavens
of happiness, this mysteries love so tender and deep
leading you with all its strength into freedom and
suddenly you feel it too
like wonderful light of warmth and
tenderness of your soul.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany