‘Ways Of Change’ Courage & Love Climate Change Concert

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The ‘Ways Of Change’ Courage & Love Climate Change Concert, released by Mira Sound Germany as double Audio-CD and DVD is Michel Montecrossa’s twenty-sixth concert of the Courage & Love Climate Change Concert Tour 2009 presenting 25 climate change songs, including the title song ‘Ways Of Change’ and great songs like ‘Honey For Honey’, ‘Here I Am Again’, ‘God Is A Girl’ and ‘Feelin’ Good’.
Mirakali contributes great climate change songs like ‘Hero Of The Future’.

About ‘Ways Of Change’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Ways of change are the ways into the future.”

The Songs, Disc One:

  1. Ways Of Change #1&2
  2. Honey For Honey
  3. Here I Am Again
  4. God Is A Girl #2
  5. Hero Of The Future
  6. Magic Night
  7. Green Tomorrow
  8. Give All
  9. Clarity
  10. Feel The Fire Burning
  11. Feelin’ Good
  12. Dark Angel Rock
  13. Powerheart

The Songs, Disc Two:

  1. I Just Met A Soul
  2. Cyberharem
  3. From Michel In Mirapuri
  4. Freedom Call
  5. Gang’s Dream Anthem
  6. Soul Reflection
  7. Life Knows No End
  8. Deep Emotion
  9. The Day Is Comin’
  10. A Hero’s Dream
  11. Freedomfire Burnin’
  12. Child Of Tomorrow