A Hero’s Dream (by Mirakali)

Will you fight till you reach the goal?
Will you always be brave, always be strong?
There is a greater Victory beyond strife and war.
Unity is the progress we need, Peace and the song
that sings of the future, that knows your home.
A greater love, a greater victory,
a brighter sun.

If you want to live, you should never give up.
If you seek love, you should never be weak.
If you want to be reborn in a new world,
then you should never stop to fight.

Courage that is stronger than all fear.
A wonderful world awaits us.
A wonderful world is ready to come.

Your life is fulfilled when you find the divine.
Like an endless ocean is the love of your soul.
There is beauty, there is strength, there is home.
Highest knowledge will discover you
the secrets of the universe, of god and his dreams,
that lives in us, waiting that we wake up and begin to live.
The visions of the future sparkle in the happy tears
when two become one.

And every happy smile is the beautiful sign
that god remembers you as you remember the divine.
The next step and all you have seen and felt,
experienced and touched will sing in your song,
will speak in your tale, will shine in your paintings,
will grow in every form you give to the world
with gratitude that comes from happiness.

The key is love, life the playground
of our souls where god‘s bliss can fulfill and realize
and can be what never has been before.
It‘s so precious, so deep, so profound, so heavenly sweet.
A new bliss will be born into the world to change it all.
All power is in your soul.
Finally it is the only thing that is really strong.

And the dream will never end.
It will forever dream, live and be
as long as there is a heart so free
like the hero‘s dream.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany