Get Free (by Mirakali)

On the sea of destiny, on a ship of faith
we travel from island to island.
Wideness of the ocean,
innocent the skies’ beauty,
the dolphins’ dance, their movements charm
is one with the destiny to get free.

A night golden with stars,
innumerable and far,
but yet so near in your heart.
Longings, dreams and certitude:
that light in your soul and light of galaxies
are the same power to get free.

In the embrace of love, tender and sweet,
with the fire of passion in your kiss
and movements of the soul’s dance
in oneness of love and blissfulness,
we know we are free.

The storm inside you,
the volcano that bursts with love and dreams
to move on, fast and ever faster,
to break all limits, to jump beyond
to reach the wideness,
the light,
where we are free.

Freedom, storm, courage, new morning,
the rising sun of a new dawn,
inside your brain this tender light
like the flames of eternal love
forever burning in our hearts.

O, tender dream, o beautiful love,
I shelter you deep inside my heart.
Sweet wonder of a heavenly life,
beautiful hero, we are one.
There we are free and will always be.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany