Haven Of The Future (by Mirakali)

Cascades of light, brilliant and stunning
overflowing our awakening while we dwell in the midst of a galaxy.
Filled with wonder we see the unexpected.

And our soul moves across interstellar nebulas,
feels the presence of eternal beings,
moving, timeless expanding from the depths of identity,
experiencing the joy of being, becoming something new,

first birth into a world that looks at you with enchantment,
feeling the delight of the birth, feeling the delight of the gift,
that you bring with the embodiment of your divinity.

Forgetting and remembering on the flight from the midst of light
into the world of matter, mind and light and always light
like an ocean of the might.
It‘s a dance of our soul
that enjoys the bliss of its movements.

Silence and storm, peace and wildness, the power of the fighter,
the sincerity of the sage, the joy of innocence, the laughing of a child.
And you are on your way on your flight.
You understand through identity.

Time itself seems to move like a dance,
slow and fast, standing still and speeding up.
And the limits disappear. And suddenly you are free.
You feel the wind blowing into your face.
You feel the warmth of the sun.

The whole universe becomes part of your world.
You grow with the speed of your consciousness.
You feel life, you feel beauty and bliss
and you are strong with your love that gives you all.

It‘s the haven of our future, the future of all.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany