If All Of Us Would Know The Truth

If all of us would know the Truth
what, my friend, could we do?
Would we be the angels of beauty
and of bliss, the living flame
of harmony, the giver of the kiss
and the touch of mighty love?

Let us know the Truth,we then will know the answer.
Let us know the Truth, we then will be the answer.
Politics then would be the field for talking true.

It would be the power-tool for undoing all the wrongs.
No longer it would be the ugly state-machinery,
it would rather be the instrument for genius in action
and free souls releaved at last from dull, unhappy oppression.

Moving fast on wings of commence
no longer meant for petty satisfaction
and regression into childish consumer-hero-ways
we at last would be capable
to realize the dream of Unity
and Freedom of the many
and with courage we could take
the next step towards the stars.

Yeah, if one of our little giants
would be truely strong
he would throw out all the weapons,
out of our thought-machine.
And who would dare to attack
someone whom everybody knows
to be no danger?

Let us live the Truth, let us live the Answer,
let us be the givers of Joy and Happiness for all.
Then might man learn his lesson
and conquer deep within
the power of negation, of torture and of fall.

If all of us will know the Truth
we can do what only friends can do:
then we are the Beauty of the Lord,
the Vessel of His Bliss and living Flame,
the Harmony are we and the kiss
and smiling touch of Mighty Love.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany