I’m So Happy With You (by Mirakali)

Oh, Michel, I‘m so happy with you.
You are my love, my home, my heaven.
Since the Bright Earth came
all is changing fast.
The future rises with glory
like the sun rises every morn.

The future is bright
and so is our life.
Now is the time to be heroic.
No time to waste: take the next step
towards peace and world unity.

Act like a hero, be wise like the sage,
tender like the lover, free like your soul,
wide like the light that touches your eyes.
Be so strong as only lovers can be.

Oh, Michel, I‘m so happy with you.
You are my best friend, my hero, my star.
Love and freedom, wideness and peace
are the energies of our action.

And He and She are at our side.
Their nearness is happiness.
Their love gives us delight.
Life becomes so wide like the universe.
Their light illumines the world
and makes it into a better place.

Oh, Michel, I‘m so happy with you.
You are all I need to be free.
You are tenderness and strength.
You are courage and endless bliss.

In your eyes I can see your dreams
and with all my love I wish
that they all become real.

In your eyes I can see a light
that comes from another world.
The Bright Earth brought change for all.
She brings heaven to earth,
a world so beautiful and bright
like you.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany