It’s Time To Share! (Song about EU-Protest, World Hunger and World War Future)

It’s Time To Share! Is the outcry of European protesters.
Go to the streets! Is the call of a Lafontaine.
In Portugal thousands of soldiers are protesting against
austerity measures together with all people.

It’s Time To Share! Tax the rich! No spending cuts
and tax increases for Greece! Jail not bail!
The German army now is entitled to use war weapons
to kill German people in “special circumstances”!

It’s Time To Share! World hunger hits one billion!
Without a Palestinian state Israel has no future!
Going to ground war will end lip service of Arab leaders!
It’s a very bad place for Israel and the world
without real peace endeavors.

It’s Time To Share! The Middle East ever more is a World War explosion!
The future looks grim with bankas and politos makin’ us into slaves!
Politos must change the banka system and reduce the cost of living!
Politos must save the Eurozone and drive out dangerous speculators.

It’s Time To Share! Is the outcry of the Family of Man.
Sharing is the answer making economies work,
sharing of food, water, land and housing and energy resources.
It’s time for the building of the United States of Planet Earth!

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany