Joy Of The Bright Earth (by Mirakali)

We saw the stars of another sky,
felt the wind of galactic landscapes
flowing over the meadows
of gods of immense brilliant lights
and the suns kissed our souls with immortal bliss
and there we saw the dream,
in the midst of all beauty and power and birth:
the dream of our earth.

The bright earth reached us
and the day has come
when all unite for a new world to come.

All strength has come to protect the new world.
All working hands like one moving power.
All hearts, so many hearts.
One dream in so many dreams.

Joy of the bright earth,
delight and ecstasy
like waves of a new light.

And again we heard a song of someone
who sang of his heart’s wisdom.
I don’t know his name but he sang of a new world that will come.
So long ago, so wide in the future is the song:

“Light wearing light as a robe about all the life
of the Waters he formed in himself glories vast.”

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany