Love World Action Saves

Love World Action saves
when politos are goin’ mad,
when career and money take the place
of ideals in polito-corrupto-heads,
when war business is the cold lord
of banka-gangstas void of Love
for Humanity and Future and Hope.

Love World Action saves
when the big economies bring
more war industry to earth
instead of standing for Peace
and Human Unity
in the United States
of Planet Earth.

Love World Action saves
when you don’t cheat your friends,
when you don’t seduce their wives
and tear to pieces their lives
making children into slaves
of sadness and porn.
I say: “Love is the better world to be born.”

Love World Action saves
when people lose their faith,
when nations are falling apart
listening to Tea Party stuff
or nazism dark
creating a void in the heart.
“Love is the savior”, I say,
“from the Bright Earth smart.”

Love World Action saves
is my answer great,
is my answer when all explodes
into revenge and more blood,
greed and torture and the big collapse,
for my love and I we know and see:
Love brings the Bright Earth for the true and free.

Love World Action saves
no sanction can do that, no lie,
no bluff, no crime,
no trick, no dirty deal,
no death and no war field
can bring what Love can bring:
The Bright Earth of Strong Love Power
in you and me.

Music & Lyrics by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany