Lovedrive (by Mirakali)

The best solution you find in your heart.
The best solution will never harm.
The best solution lets you smile
and you will understand what we mean.
The heaven is no deal but a new reality.

When heaven comes upon earth
the new paradise will be born.
World unity will be friendly,
world unity will be sweet.
World unity will be free.
World unity will give you peace
and all the possibilities you need
for your creativity,

for your joy to express
what you have experienced on your way
to a great world creation.
It will be a world of love.
It will be a world of peace.
First you understand and act according

to your inner progress towards a better man,
then you can establish peace.
First you feel the love and then you live it.
The best solution will be
that you step out of your jail.

Breathe the free air.
Try to awake your noble feelings.
Try to see that there are others too.
You‘re not the centre of the universe.
You are an important part but not all.
When we all work together
we will find a way out of all the trouble.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany