Messengers Of Light And Truth

Messengers of Light and Truth we are on earth
proclaiming a future of harmony,
a future that is easy to understand,
a future that is there for becoming friends.
Too much darkness is cheatin’ earth.
Too many illusions cover the face
of love and compassion that are there…

to bring the Message of Light and Truth
born as the future of harmony,
born as the union of you and me,
the union of love that sets us free.
The darkness is changing into light,
illusions of the past fade into the real
of love action of the free…

Have the courage to put right what went wrong.
Embrace the beauty of the earth to come.
Be ready for the change that changes all.
The change into the harmony of the best for all.
No more darkness, no more fight:
The world is ready, it’s the time
to lend a helping hand!

What we need is Light and Truth on earth
and that is easy to understand.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany