Moonshine In Cyberworld (by Mirakali)

Warm light reflected on the metallic body of the girl
that laid over there musing with some earthly dreams.
She tried to remember from where she came.

She asked with a soft voice: „Whereto will I go?“
Her glittering black hair danced in the zero gravitation
like mermaids dance in a calm ocean.

While she turned her head towards the door over there
where a man stepped into the scene
of this alien bar somewhere near Orion,

‘He looks so sweet‘ she thought with a sigh.
‘Maybe it is he: my prince and dream‘.
Slowly she stood up cozying her body with the air
while she enjoyed every movement
that carried her towards her dream.

Time stood still until she reached him.
There the two stood and looked at each other.
Breathless the moment, magic the silence.

‘Come with me‘ she whispered close to his ear
touching his breast with long soft fingers
belonging to another race.

But this mattered little
in this moment of kismet and destiny.
‘Follow me,‘ she said while she turned around
and moved her body through the room
like a black panther, dangerous elegance.

He followed her without a word
while his gaze glided over her perfect shape.
A table in the last corner was her goal.
She sat down, moving like water and light
and looked expectantly into his eyes.

Solar storm shook up the planet
but nothing could be more precious
than this moment when soul meets soul.

He sat down near to her.
‘I‘m moonshine in Cyberworld‘ she said.
A moment later they kissed each other and they knew
it is love. Love and moonshine in Cyberworld.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany