More (by Mirakali)

More peace for a world of war and crime.
More hope

for a mankind of despair.
More love for a planet
full of wonders.
More freedom for all.

More understanding for determined minds.
More bliss for a greater awakening.
More answers for all who have questions.
There are so many in the streets.
So many have raised their voice.

So many ask for help.
So many need love.

We shouldn’t wait for god to do all for us.

If we have the will,
we can find the way.

With loving hearts we can’t fail.
With certitude we move on.
With courageous hearts we reach the goal.

More tenderness for a world that has fallen down into brutality.
More sweetness to heal the coldness of the dark.
More warmth to save the lost who are forlorn in nowhere land.

More friendship for those who are alone.
More dreams for a world
drifting into ice.
More kisses and songs

and music and joy
for every day and every night.
More dancing in the sunlight,
more laughing and happy hearts,

more being together with everyone.
More gratitude for all we have received.
More smiling about faults we have done
and cheerful new beginnings.
More days of living together.
More nearness to god
and his marvels of delight.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany