Moved By You (by Mirakali)

There is something behind forgiveness.
There is a strength hidden in ourselves
that can overcome all difficulties.
A strength that waits for our awakening.
It waits that we are ready to move on, to act,
to feel the push from deep within.
It has full faith in our power.

There is a wideness wider than you can imagine.
Nobody can put any border.
It begins beyond all imagination.

There is freedom and a world moved by you.
There is a sun beyond the horizon
brighter than any sun of this universe,
with a light more beautiful
than anything you have ever seen.
There is a joy that can calm every storm
and gives you an ever lasting peace.
A joy that is filled with a deep bliss, that understands everything
and is one with everybody and all,

and can feel the whole universe and
you in the same moment of enchantment.
And all this lives in you.
It beats in your living heart,
singing with every heartbeat.
This world is moved by you.

When you are born upon this planet
with your immortal soul
you can see and feel, experience.
You should never give up whatever happens.
We bring with us the dreams of heaven.
We grow with our life on this planet.
You can dive into the wideness
that touches you, that is you.
And you feel the joy of the power
that gives gives you bliss and fire
enchanting your life with happiness.
Close is the wonder of great love.

We will always remain young,
when staying close to our soul.
From there we will understand all.
From there we can move the world.
You should never lose the faith in your destiny.
You should never give up whatever happens.

We bring with us the birth a new world,
a new fulfillment, a new expression.
This world is moved by you.
You are near to the ocean,
soon you will reach the shore.
The shore of your dreams
diving into your own deep sea.
There you will touch the mystery
of your life reaching happiness
of your life rising like a star.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany