My Electronica Love World Action

My Electronica Love World Action
means givin’ the good information
leadin’ to good inspiration
fulfillin’ the great expectation.

On the backseat of the shuttle
she’s drawing a cartoon
of herself and her juice
dripping from her sweaty boots.

Full moon kissin’ golden cryin’.
Tears are flowin’ down my face.
Saliva comes and all the meaning
before we feel love in the end of suffering.

The chance is like a prisoner lookin’
through the wall into the all.
The chance itself is the chance
to turn the page of living hell.

Joy, free of sorrow, easily will go
from here into any tomorrow.
Tears that mean something are never terrifying
for a soul intensifying.

She called again
wonderin’ how I am a-tryin’,
how I am a-doin’ on deathwalk road.
I said to her: “I’m doin’ fine.”

We took the chance and then began
to explore our love game again …

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany