Precious Love (by Mirakali)

Precious Love, so sweet and strong,
flying free like the wind over the sea,
touching tender the warmth of your heart,
feeling the beauty of your soul,
is full of trust and certitude.

Precious like love alone can be,
when we rush with fire and bliss
into a future of happiness,
like a rainbow from earth to heaven,
like the dawn of this golden morning.

Our tender kiss,
so warm, so deep, so happy and free.
We feel the flow of the coming time
like waves of golden light
overwhelming all with precious love.

Wide and free into light,
proud and strong into the might,
warm and deep into the sea
of love so beautiful and sweet
living in our love, in you and me.

We rise wide into the light.
From summit to summit we fly into bliss
and I feel, it‘s your kiss
and the smile of your eyes,
the warmth of your embrace.

Precious love, golden and bright,
bringing paradise upon earth
with every happy smile and laughing,
with lovers blissful life
shining warm in your eyes.

Eternity in your sweet light
where we are at home forever.
We are one flaming love
burning forever with our hearts,
so sweet and strong.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany