Something’s Crushin’ In – Part Two –

Fundamental things they are – somewhere, you know.
Tell me where they are – so I can see them all.
The good is there, I’m sure – but is it in you?
It may be so or not – it’s my part to hope.

When truth ain’t worth a dime – anymore,
then they say it’s time – for anger of the Lord.
But something’s crushin’ in – crushin’ through the door,
don’t need to open – what’s never been closed.

Books are, oh, so silent – they only watch.
Just like dead bodies – you don’t like to touch.
It’s grim to look straight – into a face
when holy things become – such a disgrace.

Life can be frustratin’ – but in fact it is so sweet.
Stupid is the man – who doesn’t want to see.
Foolish is the girl – but she loves him still.
When the night is comin’ – it is time to kill.

I don’t want to be nervous – make the best of birth,
if there’s a way for all – it’s a way of escape.
Somethin’ is a-laughin’ – ‘bout that there is no doubt.
Why can’t you hear it? – That’s what I’m wonderin’ about.

The child in me is lovin’ – it will never fade.
The child in me is singin’ – knows the melody.
It is a confrontation – somethin’s crushin’ in.
Yes, it is the laughin’ – that always makes me win.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany