Song Of Love & Sweetness Art (by Mirakali)

You came into our room.
I looked at you
and saw the dreams
of a beautiful future dwelling inside your heart.
A heart so great as the universe
you give them place for a future realization,
you give them power
that they find their way to fulfilment.

You came nearer and you looked into my eyes.
All fire of my love burning with happiness.
A moment in eternity and all is there:
Perfect union with God, destiny fulfilled,
eternity burning in this moment
of perfect awareness and love,
love so great, forever love.
We didn’t speak a word.
We understand us always
with every look, every touch,
in every moment of being,
of being together.

In every precious feeling
I feel you.
Your sweet soul touches me
with the wonders of you and your art.
You made a painting in the night,
I saw it in the morning glory sun light.
It touched my heart so deep
and I feel your Love & Sweetness in it.

You give light in the night,
you give shelter in the storm,
you give warmth when I need it most.
And always you are at my side
and I love you, love you so deep,
in all your art I feel your great heart
wide as the universe and so strong
that it can fulfill all our dreams.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany