Strong Woman

The power is there of the wind and the rain,
of thunder and of lightning.
The power is there of the mighty king,
the saga and the wonder
of the Strong Woman coming.
of you and your eyes of hunger.

The warmth of your skin and your magic heart
makes the circle complete for loving.
You are the Strong Woman, the midnight star,
the king’s pride and honour.
Your passion rules with wisdom,
your light is the morning star.

Your hips move with the glory song,
are ready for his longing.
Your smile is the answer of his soul
embedded in your heart that’s knowing,
knows the way of tomorrow,
the power of change a-coming.

The power is there of the sun and the heat,
of the king and woman dancing
the rhythm of stars and creation’s dreams
unfolding on earth the heavens
of woman and man united,
of you and your eyes wide open.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany