Sunbirth (by Mirakali)

Speed of light through the universe
like angel wings of fire, speeding up with ecstasy,
speeding up with peaceful freedom.

Faster with its own reality
to be god, light and eternity
in a second of a gaze,
lovely and sweet with eyes
reflecting the soul’s identity.

Speed of light through a galaxy
like a comet’s memory.
Mystery in a newborn star’s fate.

Full of glory, hope and life,
burning with the magic
between kiss and opening eyes,
infinity and oneness
of loving hearts.

Peaceful and calm
the speed of light
inside a sunbirth’s glory.
Peaceful and calm
the storm of love.

Power of creation and life.
Sunbirth inside a soul’s infinity.

In a moment of bliss you feel reality
and the calm speed beyond ecstasy.

Nameless wideness,
moving time,
endless space,
creation of innumerable planets.

Stars like open doors to other dimensions
… and in the midst of all
in the same moment of changes
a sunbirth …

Lyrics & Music by Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany