Sweet Kiss

The wideness of your wisdom in the endurance of your smile.
The sweetness of your kindness and the taste of your sky.
Your head leans on my shoulder.
Time is a heavenly flight.
I sense the need of the moment and your smile is bright.
Scars can disappear: they will, like questions unheard.
Letters will burn in the fire of birth.
I kiss you, like a blind man reading your lips.

The wideness of your love in the mirror of the years
is leading to beauty beyond unseen tears.
I am honest with myself,
don’t want to love you from a distance.
With my blood I seal your lips, invite you to my sweetness.
Summer it is in my garden with paths cut through the grass.
Trees are flowered with poems like transparent, fluid glass.
I know why you came.
I can read your expression.

Like characters laid down long before you were born
branches are spreadin’ over ways of the morn.
“Come”, you hear me whisper in the drive of your dance.
Pullin’ your hair back I touch you with my tongue
and we see in daylight what in night we believe
and we are the sunlight above oceans deep.
I give you the sweet kiss when I’m touching your lips.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany