Take My Dream

Come on, baby, take my dream,
take it to your home.
Come on, baby, my dream is strong,
it won’t do you any harm.
I’m a lover of love, that’s all.
My dream is in your soul…

Come on, baby, I’m on your side.
You know I am the one,
the one that can see the other light
when there’s no light at all.
I’m not blinded by things not real.
My dream has the feel…

Stories are there that walk through streets,
faces that bury the heat.
Eyes I see of the living meat,
spies from eternity.
I keep with me all the gold.
My dream is one with the goal…

Come one, baby, show me your dream,
show me that you are sweet.
Come on, baby, my dream is young
and I hold you in my arms.
I’m the hero of your most secret heart.
My dream is in your blood…

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany