Talkin’ ’bout A Small Planet For The Free

Come gather ‘round me people
and a story I will tell
about a small planet
all of you know well.
This planet is called earth
and there we come to birth.

The earth since long is rollin’
through endless time and space.
She could be a pretty planet
for the people to be free.
This planet we call earth
and there we come to birth.

But what happened to the earth,
made it into a dark place,
brought torture, death and rape,
not peace and love to feel great?
What happened to earth,
the place of our birth?

My child, remember this:
When there’s someone hungry in the night
or cryin’ for a mother
and a last good-bye
don’t turn away on this planet small,
lend a helping hand and be one big soul.

All the bankas and gangstas
on the whole wide earth
are no match for a man
honest, true and brave
on this planet named earth,
the place of our birth.

All the leaders and the wealthy
are as good as their humanity
and their willingness to help the people
when their hearts are sad and broken.
For that I want to be here
on that planet given to the free.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany