Talking Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare is India’s voice
for freedom from corruption.
And ‘Talking Anna Hazare’ is my song
reminding that corruption is everywhere
’cause it’s part of the human nature
that needs an upward change:

A change of ethics and consciousness
making people understand in their own way
that corruption is a harmful way of getting’ money,
of getting’ power and the magic of pleasures
and that it’s not part of nature’s game
to always stay at the lowest level.

Corruption won’t bring you friends or love,
corruption won’t bring you honor or trust,
corruption won’t bring you respect or success,
corruption won’t bring you acceptance or good luck…
No, it will only pull you down
into lonely depression and shame.

The strength of your own decision
to do what’s best for all
will give you the riches of happiness
coming from the hearts of all,
the loyalty and respect from everyone
loving an uncorrupted soul.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany